Wholesale Cabinets & Countertops for Multifamily

Elite Kitchen and Stone supplies premium materials for multifamily & commercial sectors, including construction, remodel, and renovation projects. Explore our range of Prefab Granite & Quartz Countertops, Multifamily Cabinets and Flooring for multiunit housing, hotels, and hospitality spaces. Contact us today to elevate your next project.

Wholesale Cabinets & Countertops for Multifamily

Black Shaker Kitchen cabinets, Granite Kitchen Countertops & Quartz Bathroom Vanities for Multifamily Contractors

At Elite Kitchen & Stone, we’re your go-to source for multifamily interior build outs and unit turns. Our prefab countertops, rta kitchen and bathroom cabinets, spc flooring and sinks can help  enhance aesthetics and functionality in any space. 

We make it easy to for mulitfamily contractors to upgrade and build properties with our countertops, cabinets & flooring for multifamily interiors. 

Multifamily Countertops

Elite Kitchen and Stone offers both prefab Quartz and Granite countertops at bulk pricing for your multifamily construction projects. 

Prefab Quartz countertops combine the beauty and durability of natural stone with the convenience of a streamlined installation process for your multifamily housing project, making them a perfect choice for developers and contractors looking to balance quality with efficiency. 

Whether you’re looking for prefab granite or prefab  quartz, we are your trusted multifamily countertop supplier, for the best prices and support. 

Please call to check our In stock Multifamily Countertops, as inventory varies. Our countertop experts can be reached at  (725) 377 – 1960.

Multifamily Cabinets

Multifamily cabinets are designed to optimize space in apartments and condos, offering residents both style and functionality.

Ideal for both renovations and new constructions, our multifamily cabinets are a smart choice for developers and contractors looking to combine quality with modern design. From white shaker kitchen cabinets to black frameless bathroom cabinets, we are your one stop shop for modern cabinets. We help multifamily projects all across the United States, our main location is is Nevada, where we focus on helping residential & commerical projects with our Cabinet store in Las Vegas.

Multifamily Flooring

When it comes to multifamily flooring, Elite Kitchen and Stone offers advanced SPC waterproof flooring.

SPC flooring is renowned for its durability, water resistance, and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to spills and moisture.

Our experienced team works with multifamily contractors everday  and we know how important is to find matching countertops, cabinets and multifamily flooring.  Contact our team to get bulk pricing for your project.

Multifamily Renovation Services

Whether you’re renovating an apartment complex, student housing or senior living multifamily property, our team has all the materials to transform your multifamily community.

Our team works with contractors and builders nationwide looking for the best prices on countertops, cabinets andf flooring to help transform mult-unit properties.  

Our warehouse for multifamily countertops and cabinets is based in Nevada, and if you’re looking for help with Las Vegas Multifamily Renovation Services, contact our team to special pricing for your project.

Countertops & Cabinets for Multifamily Interiors.

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Why Choose Us?

We show you our appreciation by going above and beyond, ensuring a flawless experience. We can be your top choice for your home renovation & interior design needs!

Our goal is to help you build, create & design your project with the ultimate showroom, slab yard & one stop shop for remodeling & building.

Whether you’re just in the beginning stages of your home or kitchen remodel or an experienced general contractor or home builder ready to launch your multifamily construction project, our stone slab yard & countertop & flooring showroom, has all the homebuilding materials you’ll need to transform your building plans into reality.

Building or renovating a multifamily property in  Las Vegas? Visit our warehouse to find in stock countertops & cabinets.

Prefab Countertops & Rta Cabinets for Contractors & Multifamily Interiors
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Please call to check our In stock Rta Cabinets & Prefab  Countertops, as inventory varies. Our countertop experts can be reached at  (725) 377 – 1960.

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